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Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

See the idyllic sights en route to Loch Ness & Urquhart Castle

Loch Ness is a freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands, it is southwest of the city of Inverness. Inverness is regarded as the Capital of the Scottish Highlands. United Private Hire specialise in Loch Ness Tours from Midlothian and Edinburgh, this includes a visit to Urquhart Castle that sits by the Loch. En route to Loch Ness our 4 or 8 seat private hire cars and taxis could take you and your group to Culloden Moor, this was where the famous Battle of Culloden took place in the 18th century.

A Midlothian or Edinburgh to Loch Ness Tour can be part of a Highland Tour or simply just a day trip. The traveling time from Midlothian or Edinburgh to Loch Ness is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Loch ness is more renowned for its alleged sightings of the Loch ness Monster more affectionately known as ‘Nessie’. This Scottish Highland Tour takes in the most splendid views of the most idyllic settings in Scotland.